AMAZED By The Walking Dead Season 3 Preivew


Thank God (or whoever you thank) for Comic Con! This preview just BLEW ME AWAY! I can feel the anticipation surging through my body. What about you? I mean, you have to be feeling something after this wonderfully edited 4 minute and 8 second montage of teasing clips and dialog. I mean GEEZ! This season looks like it is simply going to be awesome and I know things are going to get really crazy. Will the Rick-tatorship be strong enough to survive the onslaught of crazies from Woodbury, under command of The General? Well, you know they will… but who will they lose along the way? Then there is mysterious Michonne. What new secrets lie in store for her character? WIll Tyresse join the show as a character? Will TV audiences come to know and love Axel? Will they be introduced to Dexter, Thomas, and Andrew? Will Thomas be relocated to Woodbury, since Andrea is not at the prison or will Thomas have a new victim? And those of us who have done our homework cannot even rely on the previously published comics to tell us anything. After all, things in the TV series are only similar, maintaining a distinctively different spin on the plots. Normally, this would be upsetting, but Robert Kirkman is at the helm with the TV series and getting to reinvent his own plots how he wants them to be reinvented, so the quality is still top-notch and superbly entertaining.

With that stream of consciousness done, I’m what you would call a casual comic book reader. I was never encouraged to enjoy the medium as a child; in fact, it was frowned upon because there weren’t enough words. This elitest opinion was pressed into me and stayed with me until I saw the first season of The Walking Dead. Sure, I sat down with the Sin City graphic novels after the viewing the film, and I even read the first volume of The Umbrella Chronicles, but I just couldn’t get into them.

Six episodes of The Walking Dead didn’t make me rush out and buy the comics though. It was actually the cliff-hanger ending of Season 2’s mid-season finale (you know, the one when they opened the barn up. It’s called “Pretty Much Dead Already” and aired of November 27, 2011.). At that point, I had an urge to experience the comics and to try and get a peek into what may happen next.

Currently, I’m working on Book Four. So far, I’ve been buying the series in the hardback book publications. I figured I’d read just enough to get me through where I felt a conceivable end to season three would be, but I simply cannot get enough of these comics. They are powerful and moving. Compelling and gruesome. I’m simply riveted while reading.

Then comes this trailer. WOW! I’m so excited. I seriously don’t think I’ve anticipated a new season of a favorite show this much since season 2 of True Blood (side note: I feel so disappointed by the seasons of late. Now, I’m way behind on the current season, but I honestly don’t feel I’m missing anything). Since it’s not October 14, 2012 yet, I guess I’ll just have to keep reading the hardback collections. Once I finish 4, I’ll still have 5, 6, and 7 to look forward to. I wonder when 8 will come out?